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Levanta e Vai (“Get Up and Go”), 2019 – Yoyo Ferro

Bubbles, 2019 – Joshua Richmond

Round and Round, 2019 – Yun Praught

Reading is Fun, 2019 – Donated by the Kiwanis Club of Columbus

Small Wings, 2019 – Kelsey Montague

Covered and Fly, 2019 – Kelsey Montague

The Dancing Fountain at TSYS

1329 Broadway, Fountain, circa 1970s

Untitled (Landscapes), 2014 – Zach Tittell

Sleeping Swan, 2012 – Mark Priest

Here and Now, 2013 – Zach Tittell

Splash, 2014 – Gabrielle Garley

Fountain, Circa 1970s

Untitled No. 4, 2014 – Keith Smith

Architectural Quilt… Bits and Pieces of Columbus, Georgia, 2015 – Garry Pound

HENSE Mural, 2014

The Soil Was Not Overly Loose, 2009 – Paul Howe

Unity Peace Tree – TAP

The Fountain at First Baptist Church

The Holy Family – Wyndell Taylor

A Simple Act of Kindness, 2006 – George Goddard

Paddle Wave, 2007 – Christopher Fennell

Generation, 2013 – Kaitlyn Underwood

All the Above, 2008 – Duke Oursler

MICKEY WATCHER, 2006 – Jim Collins

Community, 2015 – Kelsi Jackson

Cabinet of Curiosities, 2014 – Butch Anthony

Saturday Distraction, 2007 – Sherri Treeby

1035 Broadway, Fountain, Circa 1970s, Cast Iron

Untitled, 2014 – Gregory Johnson

Lithosere, 2009 – George Goddard

Fountain for Man and Beast

Phoenix, 2008 – Jon Lumpkin

Mayflower, 2007 – Susan Geissler

Flight, 1996 – George Goddard & Jon Lumpkin

All Gave Some-Some Gave All, 2004 – Richard Rist

In honor of our Veterans, 1991 – Richard Rist

Garden, 2008 – Marc Moulton

Untitled – T.J. Sanders

Drama – Hans Muhr

Junction, 2013 – Gabrielle Garley

Reflection, 2001 – Junichi Arai

The Evolution of the Cotton Plant, 1985 – Dimitri Gerakaris

Blue Heron’s Nest, 2014 – John Schley

When Now Becomes Then, 2013 – J. Steward Johnson Jr.

Splash Pad – Will Barnes & Gary Gullatt

Military Service Walk – Will Barnes & Gary Gullatt

John Beverly AmosLisa McCoy

Columbus – The Story of Four Images of the Man – Richard Beyer & Mark Reavis

A Postcard  from Columbus -Mural- Mike Howard, 2017

901 Front Avenue at One Arsenal Place, Fountain

801 Front Avenue at the Columbus Convention Center, Fountain

Heritage Park – George Goddard & Jon Lumpkin

Confederate Memorial Statue

The Othell Hand Fountain – Phil Johnson

Promenade Fountain

The Liberty Bell, 1976

Garden Fountain

Morgan Fountain

Old Courthouse Fountain

Lenora Myers Sarling Fountain

The Box Fountain

PhotoPlay – Commissioned by MidTown, Inc. – John Schwan

Post for Peace and Justice –  Kira Corser, CSU Department Art Education Students and Spencer High School Art Students

Intertwine – Ashley Colber

Buoyant Amplification – Hailey Mattwig

Powerboxes – Ralph Frank Jr.

Stop Giant Red Arrows 

Lakebottom Park Bandshell Murals– Hadley Mattwig, Ashley Colbert, and Gazzi Holloway

Troy University Trojan Warrior – Dr. Huo Bao Zhu

Troy University Phoenix – Dr. Huo Bao Zhu

Powerhouse – Michael McFalls and poet Nick Norwood

Welcome the Dragonflies – Michael Vaughn Sims

CSU Fall Line –  Pard Morrison

Columbus Together 2017 Mural – Butch Anthony and R.C. Hagans

Columbus Together 2017 Mural – Sally Bradley

Columbus Together 2017 Mural – Garry Pound

Columbus Together 2017 Mural – Najee Dorsey

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