Kaitlyn Underwood
Generation, 2013
Concrete, Mild Steel
1100 Broadway

Generation is derived from Underwood’s personal experiences and memories of Columbus. Having been born and raised in this city, she has seen Columbus go through many changes over the past two decades. Generation is meant to depict the city’s transformation. The sculptural figure is an embryonic form which symbolizes the stage of development that a person goes through the most significant changes of their life.

Underwood chose the locations for two reasons. The first reason being its proximity to CB&T. She was inspired by the history of CB&T which was founded by a kind act from the secretary and treasurer of the Eagle and Phenix mill. This simple act of kindness began one of the largest banking companies in the southeast and it is this crucial change that promotes influenced the artist to place Generation in this spot. The second reason is for the tree towering over the sculpture. Each trees have remained through each and every major or minor change the city has undergone. While once for decoration the trees now serve as shade and protection for locals. This protection resembles that way Columbus has fostered its residents and provided them a safe place to grow which is what strengthens my resolve for the placement of Generation.
Kaitlyn Underwood was born in Columbus, Georgia in 1992. After completing high school in Harris County, she chose to attend Columbus State University in 2010. In the spring of 2011, Kaitlyn won best in show in the annual Juried Student Art show at CSU.

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