Starling1 Starling

Lenora Myers Starling Fountain
At the intersection of Buena Vista Rd. Wynnton Rd.

Dedicated in December, 1929 to the memory of Leonora Myers Sarling, who, according to the Columbus Ledger, moved to Columbus with her husband and became a “leader in civic, social and religious circles here. She was a pioneer in the Christian Science faith in Columbus and was active in numerous charitable endeavors.” It went on to say that she met her “tragic death while engaged in an errand of mercy.”

Another article notes that the fountain is a “beautiful memorial to a beautiful life…one of the permanent attractions and adornments of Wynnton.” The fountain was commissioned by her niece, and was carved in Italy. Many today mistakenly say that the figure gazes toward Ft. Benning, but the contemporary description was this: “the majestic figure of a woman poised in the attitude of soaring through space. One hand shields her eyes, as she gazes into the future.”

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