The Box Fountain
At the Chamber of Commerce
1200 6th Avenue
Installed in 1989
Material: Cast Iron, Concrete and Marble

Forged in Richmond, Virginia in the 1850s, this four tiered, cast iron fountain adds historic appeal to the 6th Avenue Depot site. The basin of the fountain is cast concrete, capped with marble to match the granite of the Depot. It stands 15 feet tall.

Given to the Historic Columbus Foundation by sisters Virginia Woodruff Waddell and Frances Woodruff DuBose in memory of their mother, Frances Woodruff Box, the fountain formerly surrounded the property of their childhood home. Restored and installed through joint funding made available by Mrs. Waddell, Mrs. Du Bose, the Historic Columbus Foundation and TSYS, in cooperation with the Consolidated Government of Columbus, Georgia.

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