George Goddard and Jon Lumpkin
A Simple Act of Kindness, 2006
Presented by William Bradley Turner
1140 Broadway, CB & T Courtyard

In 2006, George was commissioned by Bill Turner to create a sculpture about the history of how CB&T Bank and Trust was founded. The piece, A Simple Act of Kindness, was gifted to the bank to preserve the historical moment.
George Goddard was born in Griffin, Georgia and grew up on Sea Island, Georgia where he developed his love of landscape. He traveled extensively in Europe at an early age absorbing the art and culture of Italy. George studied at Darlington Academy and Academia del Belle Arti in Florence, Italy. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a Masters Degree in Printmaking. He worked as a college professor for over 30 years at Columbus State University, teaching sculpture and photography, and as an artist in residence in Cortona, Italy through the University of Georgia.
During his teaching career he also maintained a bronze foundry business producing various works and commissions. Among many projects, George renovated an historic home in the Columbus’s Historic District, was commissioned for the Heritage Park and the CB&T Courtyard. Even after retiring from CSU he continued to attend classes, creating sculptures and helping young people express themselves. He believed that artists never retire and he lived his creed creating sculptures in: wood, stone, cast bronze and stainless steel. He never stopped creating, building and planning new projects.

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