Zach Tittel
Here and Now, 2013
Steel and Aluminum
13th St. West & Broadway

Sculpture Description:
Here and Now is a monolith inspired by astronomical phenomenon and its’ influence on the progression of man kind. Stars and naturally occurring celestial events have made it possible to develop advanced navigation, modern technology, and has supplied a plethora of outlooks on our universe. The structure gives reference to an arrow indicating its current location, as well as the human form. Its head is tilted to the skies intended as sight for the alignment and passing of stars. The origin of all materials is a result of the creation and destruction of stars. Metal being one of the byproducts and harvested by man, the monolith is formed from large sheets of metal to imply the permanency of mankind, as well as, the lack of permanency of the individual man as the material weathers away.

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