Susan Geisler
Mayflower, 2007
Permanent Sculpture

Susan Geissler began her art career in 1984, after schooling in Fine Arts, and working as an anatomical illustrator, graphic designer and art history researcher. Between 1984-1989, Susan’s work was seen and enjoyed by millions of people at top outdoor art events around the United States. Currently, she confines the showing of her artwork primarily to galleries, plus occasional commercial events and print advertising. The scores of commissions, awards and prizes accorded her work have contributed to her growing reputation, and have stamped her as one of the premier designers of human figures in the United States. Susan considers her studio a small outpost of quality, integrity and love of the sculptural science. From this workplace in a small Western New York village, after intense research and anatomical study, several lovingly rendered pieces per year emerge –some exploding with dazing motion…some resting quietly, but exuding the soft, gentle, whimsical emotion that is the hallmark of her work.
“May Flower,” the sculpture by New York-based artist Susan Geissler, features a little girl in a rain slicker and red boots with her face upturned to catch raindrops. It won the People’s Choice Award for Sculpture Walk 2007.
“May Flower” was moved to the northeast corner of 10th Street and Broadway in front of Raymond James Financial Services from its original location. Columbus Regional Healthcare System purchased “May Flower”

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