Gabrielle Garley
Splash, 2014
Enamel Coated Steel
13th St. South & Broadway

Gabrielle Garley places emphasis on the aesthetic experience and the process of creation. Her paintings and sculptures are a visual manifestation of her experiences, such as being from New Orleans, a place with such an immense cultural background, where beauty of age is embraced. Using formal artistic elements such as scale, form, tactility, and color harmonies she allows her work to reflect this aesthetic experience and indulge in the process. She creates each piece by engaging in the creative possibilities inherent in certain materials. She then explores the materials intuitively, with a general idea as her starting point. Manipulating and transcending the materials in this reactive, sometimes playful manner allows the work to morph and grow from the original idea. It is the ambiguity of the end result of each piece that intrigues her.

“Growing up in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, with three generations of artist, art is a part of my family and my soul. I had an innate drive to create. Upon entering college I detoured into different majors. But soon returned to my artistic roots and began to study fine art at Atlanta Metropolitan College. After receiving my Associates Degree my desire to study art grew. Thus, I decided to continue my studies at Columbus State University with a focus in sculpture.”

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