Untitled, (Columbus, GA), 2014

Hense lives and works in Atlanta.

Statement from the artist:
“With this project, I really like to use the existing architecture and environment as inspiration for the direction of the painting. While in Columbus for a site visit, I noticed the historic buildings located in close proximity to the wall. One thing that is important is the location of my installations and what surrounds them. It can be in the context of an urban environment, Museum or Gallery setting. I find an interesting juxtaposition between historic architecture and contemporary public art. My exterior works are treated similarly to my studio practice with focus on simple forms, shape, line, color, gesture, mark making and experimentation.

I’m constantly wanting to push the viewer and what can be perceived as a painting or mural within contemporary art. I worked on several concept drawings to present as rough ideas of aesthetic direction. I knew that visually, I wanted it to be drastically different from what it looked like before painting it.I also want to use very bright and bold colors to catch a viewers attention from far away. Most of my works are done in layers and I tend to work with some spontaneity while working. Using bold colors for this project is important for the wall to truly be transformed visually and reinterpreted as a piece of contemporary public art.”

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