Sherri Treeby
Saturday Distraction, 2007
Permanent Sculpture

Saturday Distraction features a young, lanky, active child lost in the wonder of a book and a dog ready to pounce on a dripping ice cream cone. The animal adds an extra level of life, humor and interaction to an otherwise static activity.

Sherri Treeby is a native of Ohio who moved to South Dakota in the early 1980’s and attended Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in art education and a Master’s Degree in art history, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1990. She accepted a teaching position at Aberdeen Central High School and currently teaches at the high school level. Sherri is also a professor of art at Presentation College in Aberdeen, South Dakota – teaching art history, drawing, painting, and design. Her students have been recognized through the years as some of the best in the state, winning major art contests on an annual basis. Sherri is recognized by the arts community for her many contributions to local charities and through the tutoring of upcoming young professional individual sculptures. She has also donated many thousands of dollars of art supplies from her company to the art students of Aberdeen Central and Presentation College so that they might have a better chance to develop their abilities. Sherri was VFW Teacher of the Year for South Dakota.

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