John Beverly Amos

John Beverly Amos lived a happy life and hoped he made a difference to his fellow man.

Artist Biography:
Lisa McCoy is best known for her clay and bronze sculptures and she believes creating is a shared joy. One of her favorite things is to have the viewer partake in the imaginative process. Lisa considers the onlooker as an inherent part in the creation. She believes that one can be closer to people through art. Women’s achievements are a favorite theme of McCoy’s work. “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” an award created by Lisa was given each year in Washington D.C. to a woman mentor in the past. The last recipient was Baroness Margaret Thatcher. We are all connected and all share the desire to love and be loved.

Entrepreneur John B. Amos, together with his brothers William and Paul, founded American Family Life Assurance Company (now AFLAC) in 1955. “Mr. John”, and his wife Elena, supported a variety of causes in and around Columbus, including bringing the U.S. Army’s Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) to Fort Benning from Fort Gulick in the Panama Canal Zone in 1984. They also promoted Latin American studies. After being diagnosed with lung cancer, Amos chaired a capital campaign to establish a top tier cancer treatment center. Ultimately placed on its own Columbus campus, it is The John B. Amos Cancer Center.

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