Paul Howe
The Soil Was Not Overly Loose, 2009
Steel and concrete
At 12th St. & Broadway
Paul Howe was born in Patchogue, NY in 1987. He received his BFA in sculpture at SUNY in Plattsburgh, NY in 2009. Howe’s public art works has been included in the Fourth Biennial Sculpture Exhibition in Chattanooga, TN, Harbor Arts Outdoor Exhibition, Boston, MA and Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park, IL.
With a father who was a mason, Paul Howe grew up around building materials and was naturally drawn to them as his sculptural medium of choice. According to the artist, steel and concrete, so present in our built up environment, has a certain life of its own. His organic forms often reflect the tension between the man made environment and the will of nature.

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